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Burstedman Page









There will be the use of video and still photography through out the shooting

Think imagery like the floating window or object in the old twilight zone – outer limit series. Close attention will be paid  to the descending musical note when editing.


Lyric-19 sec

a life in the moment, is this what you've always wanted, watt?

well, here it is with you tied to it, chained to it, no past, no future

just one forever now.


(make up – just slightly darken eyes, will progressively darken)

Tight close ups mixed with medium shots, mike stretched out on a chair tied (chains or rope) to the visuals flashing in the background. The look of agony, pain, despair. At first eyes closed then at some point opening very quickly, sustain this for a few seconds then shoulder down, head down with despair.



lyric break 26sec (instrumentation) – quick shots from within the a hellish environment (the pit) dollies toward the entrance reaching to pull mike down. Still shots of mike is various position (kneeling, reaching holding his head, hand together.)



lyric-15 sec

oh... down I go, into this pit tossing and flailing in it...twisting and roiling,

blistered and broiling.  no way up!


Mike laying flat stretched out alternating positions as the CG spins and twists him. Overlays of heat, steam.




lyric-48 sec

pile yet another blankie on cuz you got a bitter chill in your bones, watt.

that's the way this works: in your mind: arctic waste... meanwhile, your body a blaze! now see that thermometer in your mouth? well, it looks more like a fuse! send that mercury to the top, split the glass and splatter these bulkheads...pop!    burstedman.


Close up of mike in a cold sweat (make up). Coldness will be represented in blue tones with mike in the foreground going through multiple color variation. Blue flame may be used as an analogy to a cold sweat.

The thermometer scene (computer generated) with a rising indicator. Sparks will fade in and out. Stills of mike (what you were feeling at this time should guide your facial expressions). These will be used to morph from one to another. Visuals of the thermometer exploding (bursting) CG.



lyric-10 sec

Round Two -  round two: 'round and 'round with you mercy seems only a word now as inner keeps becoming outer, the deck continually showered!


Close up of mike face with overlays of the (flashes of the pit, stronger in appearance  then when first seen in the video.




lyric-23 sec

hold on, another eruption... bone-shook, every tissue thumping as you dance this insane dance w/each spasm.


see those photos on the bulkhead, watt? your pop, d. boon, the man... look good cuz you might be joining them real quick now.


Slowly panning mike from toe to head with slight jerking (if you were in street clothes (mike) then they should look soaked with sweat, all the time sweating. By this time you are pale in appearance and you eyes are dark.


Camera spinning round with focusing on photo of mike’s pop, d boon and the man, spinning several time with the last few rotation slowing to see mike’s pic with rest, but faded. Then fade to red then black   pop! burstedman.


Fade in


(extra footage)

Mike shivering and jerking laying on his side in a fetal position with eye open panning as to be looking ad the photos of his pop, d. boon, and the man.





lyric-18 sec

looks like a steaming bath is the only thing that's going to bring you any relief, watt.

lie there languid, blessed mother of fathers hours and hours...

long as that hot water heater holds out...



Fade in

This scene will be shot as written in the song. Get out you swim trunks. With fog machine in hand we’ll create a pretty steamy environment. I want to take multiple shots here for overlaying and echoing the this should take us out through the instrumentation.


Instrumentation – 56 sec – morphed photos – standing to kneeling (will be suggested)






lyric-38 sec



when a man's tied to a wheel and that wheel turns,

he turns. reason forsakes him? faith forsakes him?


Just as the lyric says. Tied to a wheel and that wheel turns. The wheel CG. I’m thinking one of those ‘wheel of fates’. Priestly images (jer)  and devilish  images pete will (faded images) accompany this scene.



virgil! beatrice! I know there's stars up there - I can't see them down here but I know they're up there somewhere.

the third round: nowhere to go but down. 'round and 'round, thirty eight days of fever now


what's gonna give?


This scene takes place in the depths of fire and darkness. (CG), mike on his knees looking up at where star may be, struggling to get on his feet. Some mages that took place through out the song will appear her again as multiple overlays

Again this is where multiple images will overlay (not split screen).







lyric-9 sec

feel that growing in your 'taint, watt?

bearing ball to medicine ball, mocking you like you were with child –

ready to punch right through your own bulkhead!


(editing use)Close up of red boiling water or sauce will be used as an analogy with morphing techniques used for a pulsing pregnant bulkhead and flaming overlays.




lyric-11 sec

and those priests in their white coats, shoving communion pills right down your throat - it won't do you a bit a good now,

not here...


Priest images (jer) with to many communion host in his hands (slow motion very

Surreal. This effect will be used throughout the video). Also with images of host falling from above.


Instrumentation (end) – 25 sec


Pop!       Montage, overlays, very colorful


I have an effect for the end that will explode the image into very small particle, then gravity  pulls these particles to the ground revealing a surprise ending (that means I’m not sure yet).


Wardrobe – Props - Make up


Stills and Video close ups of all of you. A whole bunch.  As far as facial expression, I’ll suggest but I leave the final expressions to you guys.



I recruited a young lady from the character head department, Laura, to help with the make up. I figured you’d want her doing this then me.


Mike – make up is just to progressively darken the eye and pale the face.

Please bring an extra shirt, one may get a little wet or dirty from misting.


Bring your swim trunks . I really think this scene is important. We can use my bathtub, it will be very clean. If you would feel more comfortable in yours please let me know. I’ll be using a fog machine to help mist up the place.


That’s it as far as your wardrobe and props go.


Pete – red make up – a few red streak in the hair.

Slick back your hair (as slick as you can)


If you have a red and a black (pocket less is better) t-shirt that would be perfect. If not don’t worry about any solid t would work. The black was to help the camera perceive you as only a head. The red was to blend with your make up.


That’s it for you


Jer - You will have lightly darkened eye and that will probably be it for you r make up.


We have a white gown for you to wear. If you wear white (T-Shirt) that would be fine). Wear your hair like a priest.


You have props!  500 communion hosts (not blessed)


I can’t think of anything else. Feel free to bring and prop you all may want to use.