Director’s Take


This was my most challenging video to date. I’m learning so much. Mike and his guys, Pete and Jer are the best and have been most cooperative.


As the video shows, there was a lot of pain mike had to endure, the only thing that made him feel any better was, as the lyric says “a hot steaming bath” with the hot water running right on the pain (video). Interpretation was key in this video. The scenes where the music tends to flow downward, so does mike. In the scene where the rise in temperature is mentioned, the red line edges across the screen while mike slowly crumbles and explodes…this happens often. So close to death (mentioned in the scene with the photo of his pop, d boon and the man), mike joins them as the pictures spin faster and faster.


It’s great when mike comes by before the shoots to tell of his deep felt experiences. He is descriptive and captivating to listen to. I know he’s a master spiel man  nothing tells a story like experience.


More to come I’m sure…



                                               Mike Muscarella

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